Bartholomew Lighting focuses on increasing the value of lighting retrofit projects beyond energy savings to include multiple non-energy benefits of improved occupant health, productivity, and a revitalized working/living environment through design.  This would increase the value of the retrofit investment by providing turn-key lighting systems that meet the needs of the customer while improving the operation of the site/building. 

  • Bartholomew Lighting provides experienced comprehensive lighting design services for existing buildings, including conducting investment grade lighting energy audits that are used to develop a targeted scope of work and deliver high-performance lighting and control upgrades that maximize the clients investment.  Bartholomew Lighting specifies the best lighting systems to develop customized solutions that meet your specific lighting needs.
  • Bartholomew Lighting specializes in optimizing utility rebates/incentives so that each lighting redesign project-looks great, works well, and pays back.
  • Bartholomew Lighting is a pending Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) which is advantageous for certain institutional projects that strive to provide greater opportunities to qualified minority businesses.
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